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Automating Nonprofit Transparency

The new breed of cloud tools offers nonprofits the opportunity to automate transparency. Too often, nonprofits build a list of accounting system features, issue an RFP & select a solution to the problems of the last decade. Modern cloud tools offer a solution to the problems of the next decade.

Nonprofit financial management systems are the necessary, but not sufficient foundation for automating transparency.

Key Ideas:

  1. Organizations that invest in transparency can see a better than 50% increase in contribution income.
  2. Nonprofit financial management systems are the foundation of transparency.
  3. Program management systems are the framework of transparency.
  4. Implement the foundation & the framework, and you can realize the increase in revenue.

What We Cover:

  1. How exactly does transparency lead to increased contribution income.
  2. The leading practices for achieving transparency for every NTEE code.
  3. Financial elements of transparency. How to report expenses & revenues.
  4. Program elements of transparency. How to report inputs, outputs and outcomes.
  5. The project plan for achieving a baseline level of financial & program transparency.
    1. Evaluate your organization’s current state
    2. Determine your capacity to make changes
    3. Build an achievable plan
    4. Execute the plan
    5. Achieve the results.

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